The last 8 months i tried to find the positive sides of my injury and all the big troubles i had ... I think i found an answer. The answer is: MOTIVATION! After more than 20 years of hard training, 6 hours every day, always the same and lot´s of indoor strength training, it´s really hard to motivate myself again and again sometimes. But i don´t remember a year where i was as motivated as now!

Everything, really everything went wrong the last months! Thrombosis after my flight back home, ACL surgery, 2nd surgery to remove scar tissue, no extention, 3rd surgery to remove scar tissue again - and finally - yes FINALLY, after 7 months i got my (almost) full extention back! I can´t tell you how great it feels to walk normally without hobbleing each step. I had some ups but i had so much downs at this time. I was working hard everyday the last months but my knee didn´t get better. The decision for the last surgery was hard for me but in the end it was the best i could do!

My motivation is crazy big! I changed my nutrition and i´ve a new trainer who shows me new exercises which are great for my sport. For the moment, 3 weeks after my surgery still i can´t really train my legs but i do a lot for my core and the rest of my body. I hope i can start next week with heavier weight and then i´ve 3 - 4 months to get as strong as before. If i set a goal i´m extremly ambitious and i wanna reach it. That means, everyday is focused on training and getting strong.

Now i just need a bit of luck that my knee will be OK and that i will feel no pain on my training anymore. The rest - the hard work i will do by my self :)

XOXO eva :)

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