Busy Winter

While most places in the Northern Alps are waiting for the big snofall, the southern part is much more lucky this year ... I´ve been in Fieberbrunn and the World Tour venue looks horrible! It is not possible to ride it at the moment. So let´s hope for a big snow storm! It´s a crazy Winter so far and most of the skier are pretty stressed i think ... The good thing, i´m totally relaxed :) I´ve no pressure to go training for the World Tour this year - i´m really sad tha´t i can´t compete but on the other way it opens another door for me. I´m full of projects this winter and it feels quiet good to enjoy one winter with shooting and filming only and go back competing next winter. I´ve also more time for strength training (that i still need) and working on something really big for next winter ;) Pretty much projects are on my schedule for this winter! After the ISPO i will start travelling more than one month in a row. For projects all over europe. Dolomites, Garda Lake, Andermatt, Les 3 Vallees, Montafon and La Grave .... and in April i move to Alaska for my dream project. I really hope that everything goes well and work out and that i come back with great storys and an amazing movie to show you :) The bad luck i had last year will turn in good luck this winter, i can feel it :) Enjoy your rides and take care!!! XX Eva

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