Canale Joel, Canale Holzer, Canale Sass de Forcia

On the way back home from San Martino di Castrozza we stoped for some more fun Couloirs. The weather was just perfect so we couldn't resist. THX Toni Brey and Mathieu Navillod for those fun runs :)

Canale Joel - 4.1; E2, 80m/650m; sec. 45°; south

Canale Holzer - 5.1; E2; 0m/1100m; sec. 50°, 45°/200m; north

Canale Sass de Forcia - 4.3; E2; 50m/650m; 45°/50, 40°/100; south

Bildschirmfoto 2014-02-24 um 18.18.13.png

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